Shark Speed – “Sea Sick Music”

Album Reviews | By on Jul 26th, 2009

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Genre: Indie
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Shark Speed combines the lackadaisically cascading single-note guitar sound of math rock with the 16th-note swagger of hipster dance-punk. The result is loose and disjointed, almost as if the musicians were in different bands.

It’s not a bad idea to liven up that type of indie rock, which can often be dull and pretentious, but Shark Speed’s dancey stuff sounds forced. The band doesn’t seem to want to keep up with the beat, and that includes the drummer!

Moreso than energy, these guys need the will to play. I don’t get the sense from listening to them that they even want to be there. That’s bad.

Bottom Line: Take five, guys, think about things, then regroup.
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