Shotgun No Blitz – “Letters To Myself”

Album Reviews | Aug 5th, 2013

Record Label: Painted Ox Records
Genre: Punk/Rock
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Shotgun No Blitz tiptoes on the boundaries of hard rock and pop punk. There is definitely a turn of the century pop punk influence with a sound that reminds me of bands like Yellowcard and mixed with No Use For A Name, but there are also some mainstream rock influences present on “Letters To Myself”.

“Letters To Myself” is a 7 song EP that mixes up the bands signature blend of pop punk and rock throughout. While I’m usually one to dismiss the modern pop punk sound, this particular EP was a fairly good listen, although it does kind of trail off towards the end.

Overall I was impressed with the talent within the band and I would like to hear what Shotgun No Blitz can do with a full album on their hands.

Bottom Line: Pop Punk with a hard rock attitude. Check them out if you liked the 90’s Fat Wreck Chords sound.
Notable Tracks: Mass-Produced, Bystander, Reflections
Overall Rating:


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