Slang Chickens – “Slang Chickens”

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2010

Record Label: Psychedelic Judaism
Genre: Indie
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Slang Chickens use acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, and thumping drums to craft some infectious indie rock. Some southern twang, some blues, and a lot of live bar rock spirit come together under a large umbrella of good pop sensibility.

Their style and tempo bounces around a bit to varying success, but they’re best when they sound like the Beach Boys, Violent Femmes, and White Stripes making out in a honkytonk bar. From the quality of their best songs (see below), something tells me these guys could easily get a huge buzz with a little more focus and energy.

Bottom Line: Well-crafted pop with twang.
Notable Tracks: Row My Boat, I Want To Score, Badlands Blues, Black Don’t Turn Blue
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