Slow Gherkin – “Death Of A Ska Band: Rarities 1994-2002”

Album Reviews | Aug 9th, 2011

Record Label: Asian Man Records
Genre: Ska
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“Death Of A Ska Band” is such a great collection of songs that it could easily be weighed against not only Slow Gherkin’s other albums but against most other ska/punk studio releases.

“DOASB” was released to coincide with the celebration of Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary and the reuniting of Slow Gherkin for the festival. As in the title of the album, it’s a collection or B-sides and rarities that span the bands nearly 10 year career.

Being a rarities compilation, the sounds found on “Death Of A Ska Band” are very eclectic with influences ranging from surf rock (“I Only Smoke When I’m Drunk”), reggae (“Bobby Babylon”) and indie rock (“Good Advice”) while still maintaining their strongest influences in ska and punk (just about everything else). A lot of these rarities had become fan favorites and staples in the bands’ set lists. At the Asian Man Festival, I heard people in the crowd requesting “Michael Jackson” and “Bobby Babylon” and I recall them playing “Trapped Like A Rat In Myer Flats”.

“Death Of A Ska Band” is a fun and entertaining listen back to one of the many great ska bands that highlight the Asian Man Records roster. When you have a band that releases great songs on various compilations and split records, you can rest assure that you had an extremely talented band in your midst. “DOASB” is like the cherry on top of the career of one of the most fun and exciting ska bands out there. It’s a shame that no new material was included because this album has me wanting more Gherkin.

Bottom Line: A collection of rarities that is just as good as a regular old Slow Gherkin album.
Notable Tracks: Bobby Babylon, Michael Jackson, They Want Earth, Covert Advertising, Trapped Like A Rat In Myer Flats
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