Soundtrack – “Punisher: War Zone”

Album Reviews | Apr 10th, 2009

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Record Label: Lionsgate
Genre: Soundtrack
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Ray Stevenson is the new Punisher. He’s a cool actor and I can see him being the Punisher, but I just hate it when a different actor comes into a movie franchise to play the same character. It just feels weird to me. Punisher War Zone isn’t a sequel per say, but a re-telling…whatever that means. If you were guessing that loud rock and heavy metal music was featured on the soundtrack, you’d be right!

Rob Zombie wrote a new song for the movie called “War Zone” and it starts the soundtrack off just nicely! I find that most songs that Rob Zombie does, I end up liking. Next is Slayer with “Final Six”, which I thought was the best song on the soundtrack. Can’t go wrong with Slayer for an action movie. Melodic hardcore band Rise Against are featured on the soundtrack as well, with an awesome track called “Historia Calamitatum.” Besides Hatebreed doing “Refuse/Resist,” I didn’t like the rest of the soundtrack. The rest was too nu-metal for my liking, and thought most of the songs were either annoying or just plain sucky.

Bottom Line: A few standout tracks but otherwise this soundtrack is forgettable.
Notable Bands: Rob Zombie, Slayer, Rise Against, Hatebreed
Overall Rating:


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