Spinn – “She Was Heartache”

Album Reviews | Sep 18th, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Pop/Acoustic
Band Link: www.myspace.com/spinn3
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Ballady pop with acoustic guitars, piano, and well-intentioned (but slightly strained and dramatic) female vox. The vocals sometimes have sweet harmonies, but the whole package is blander than margarine on white bread.

Lyrics seem personal but they’re not that special. This doesn’t move my heart or shake my rump. If I wanted lifeless power ballads, I’d time travel back to 1985 and enjoy a Phil Collins cover band at a Long Island Sweet 16.

Part of me appreciates their earnestness enough to feel bad for trashing them. But even in the harmless, sterile realm of acoustic pop, these gals need a Spinn class.

Bottom Line: The musical equivalent of mayonnaise.
Overall Rating:


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