Steel Panther – “On the Prowl”

Album Reviews | Feb 20th, 2023

Steel Panther - "On the Prowl"
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Record Label: Steel Panther Inc.
Genre: Hair Metal
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Honestly, what else were you expecting? The world’s foremost “fake” hair metal band is back with more unapologetically sexist, misogynistic, and horny-as-hell rock for that inner 12-year-old that still lurks in most of us.

Accordingly, “Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)” kicks things off precisely as the Panther would, with pounding beats, thrashing guitars and lyrics about finding that “companion” in the small hours. “Friends With Benefits” is a hilariously inappropriate exploration of that particular arrangement, with the following “On Your Instagram” an epic anti-love song about how we don’t live up to our online avatars…only way, way funnier. “Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is” is about, well, exactly (but don’t feel bad about chuckling as I did!). “1987” is a middle-aged man’s adolescent lament for a return to the folly of youth, as singer Michael Starr sings about those big-haired bands of yore, before “the Snappy-chats” came along. If you’re looking for some hard-hitting guest artists, you could do worse than Dweezil Zappa, who pops by to seriously shred on “Is My Dick Big Enough?” “Magic Vagina” keeps the immature giggling right on going, with Starr screaming “I’m in love with your vagina!”

This being Steel Panther, the new album’s offerings aren’t especially diverse, but keep an ear out for “Pornstar,” which might be the most riotously awful song ever about a stalker—something only the Panther could accomplish. For my money, the funniest song on the album is “Ain’t Dead Yet,” in which our rapidly aging long-hairs acknowledge they may be falling apart, but, dammit, they can still rock-n-roll like teenagers. “Sleeping on the Rollaway” closes out the album with another self-inflicted wound about how far the mighty can fall from the heights.

Steel Panther certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel with “On the Prowl,” but it’s another hysterical musical tour from America’s best (or only?) parody metal band. Feel the Steel!

Notable Tracks: Ain’t Dead Yet, 1987, Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight), Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is
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