Suicide Machines “War Profiteering Is Killing Us All”

Album Reviews | Aug 9th, 2005

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I liked The Suicide Machines’ first two albums but after that has been hit or miss with me. Thankfully, I think they got back on track with their previous album “A Match and Some Gasoline.” “War Profiteering Is Killing Us All” is okay, but I think they are screaming waaayyy too much. I’ve always thought they sounded better when they either did their non-screaming punk stuff or the ska-punk songs. When they start to play hardcore, screamo, whatever, that’s when I lose interest in their music. It sounds like they are trying to fit in the scene, when they should just play what they do best, which is ska punk songs.

This album seems very political, and I can’t remember if they were this political on their other CDs. Don’t you know it’s not cool to be political now, the election year is over ha ha. I’d rather listen to political songs than girlie songs but still, just seems to be getting very cliche in the punk scene. With all thei Suicide Machines albums, this CD is very short, with most of the songs under two minutes. I think fans of their earlier material will be disappointed in this, I was.

Bottom Line: I still think Destruction by Definition is their best album.
Notable Tracks: Capitalist Suicide, Junk, Hands Tied, Untitled Track
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