Swingin’ Angels – “Faster Than Angels Fly”

Album Reviews | Mar 29th, 2009

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Record Label: You’re Going Up
Genre: R&B/Country
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From their name and cover art, I was expecting either rockabilly or gearhead punk.   When the album started with a twangy acapella intro, I was waiting for the big kick-in to fast, octane-burning rockitude.  But the downtempo intro kept on going and into the rest of the album.

Their music is reminiscent of Appalacian-style hillbilly country rock mixed with some gospel, but stripped-down to a simple rock format and oddly joyless.   No bluegrass hootenany here or the uplifting aspects of gospel – this is drab and muted.

The title track and “My Gal” are upbeat, but not at all faster than angels fly.  They also seem to trip up and get sloppy when they play faster than quarter notes.   “Just Gotta Rocket” is probably the best tune on account that it sounds like Elvis Costello meets Emmet Otter.

Bottom Line: Not the good kind of retro.
Notable Tracks: Just Gotta Rocket, My Gal
Overall Rating:


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