Taproot – “Our Long Road Home”

Album Reviews | Nov 8th, 2008

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Record Label: Velvet Hammer
Genre: Rock
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If you are looking for something original and inventive that strays from the formula of mainstream rock nowadays, you should probably start listening to gypsy punk and totally avoid Taproot.

For a band that started off sounding like Mudvayne and Papa Roach, Taproot have now reinvented themselves into a band that sounds like the Deftones and Nickelback. Wow, what a difference!

Our Long Road Home reminds me of a long bus trip home. Its tired, boring and you just need to get away from it and get some fresh air. It takes notes from just about every genre out there that sucks asseverything from radio-friendly rock to emo and even a little bit of overplayed 90s rock.

Bottom Line: Sounds like all of the other crap currently on the radio.
Notable Tracks: Karmaway
Overall Rating:


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