Terror – “The Walls Will Fall”

Album Reviews | Apr 26th, 2017

Terror - The Walls
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Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Genre: Hardcore
Link: thewallswillfall.com
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Terror returns with a no-nonsense EP sure to get you in the pit titled The Walls Will Fall. The EP is really short and pulls no punches with it’s length of 9 minute 14 seconds.

The EP starts off with a Madball and Agnostic Front like bounce on “Balance of the Odds” that’s sure to bring the 2-step in the pit. The next 2 tracks kick in the thrash with “Kill ‘Em Off,” the title track that is sure to get the circle pit spinning. “No Love Lost” has seems to be reminiscent of stuff Terror has done on ‘Keepers of the Faith’ and their more recent effort ‘The 25th Hour’. The EP closes with a cover of an old school Madball song from 1992’s ‘Droppin’ Many Suckers’ in “Step To you” which is a great way to close out an EP that essentially gives a nod to the old school NYHC.

Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with this EP, and it’s great to throw something on that you don’t have think about what genre it might be, it’s straight up hardcore, and any fan of any era of hardcore will love this.
Notable Tracks: The Walls Will Fall, No Love Lost, Kill ‘Em Off
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