Terror – “Total Retaliation”

Album Reviews | Oct 3rd, 2018

Terror - Total Retaliation
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Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Genre: Hardcore
Link: facebook.com/terrorhardcore
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It hasn’t been that long since we last heard from Terror, unleashing a great EP with The Walls Will Fall, but their back this time with a full length on Total Retaliation. Steeped in a culmination of influences, this is yet another abrasive in your face album. Terror has always put out a collection of great hardcore albums, but how does this stack up?

Coming off the EP, the songs aren’t as short, a little more to it, although only one song breaks the 3-minute mark. One song that stood out right away to me was “Get Off My Back” which stands toe to toe with the likes of past classics like “Overcome.” Songs like “One More Enemy” aren’t anything new to Terror fans, but the more experimental nature of Terror is explored on the different styling on “In Spite of These Times.” The thrashy title track is all over the place style wise, and the key change to get even thrashier side of punk for a bit is very cool.

An unexpected cameo in 2018 comes from Anthony Martini of E-Town Concrete on the track “Break the Lock” and almost sounds as if the song was specifically written to suit him as it fits him well. We get another dance on the experimental side with the “Post Armageddon Interlude” as it flows on the hip hop side before belting into one of the albums several more uplifting songs “Spirit of Sacrifice.” I wasn’t quite sure but it seems like some of these titles might be a bit of an homage to the NYHC/Trash band Carnivore.

The album closes out with one of the other more uplifting tracks “Resistant to the Changes” which is a great way to close out the album.

It’s pretty clear Terror aren’t going anywhere and continue to pump out a consistent material.

Notable Tracks: Get Off My Back, Suffer The Edge Of The Lies, Break The Lock, Resistant To The Changes
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