The Mahones – “The Hunger & the Fight Part 2”

Album Reviews | Sep 26th, 2015

The Mahones - Riot Tonight

Record Label: Whiskey Devil Records
Genre: Celtic punk
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The Mahones’ The Hunger & The Fight (Part 2) is from a two part series that gives The Mahones fans a taste of both worlds. The first part was dedicated to their original roots of Celtic and folk music. The second part is mainly their newer style of Celtic punk rock. If you enjoyed their later material, you’ll especially love this album!

The album opens up with a quick instrumental track with the Uileann pipes. It’s a nice transition from Part 1 to Part 2 as the album gets into the rowdy Celtic punk rock. “Punk Rock Saved My Life” will be a crowd favorite the next time the band opens up for their buddies in the Dropkick Murphys. I love the tune but if I’m being honest, maybe there’s a little bit too many whoas in there. “Sea of Skeletons” or “Skeleton Sea” is more my speed with what I like from the Mahones. I dig the guitar, the accordion, the lyrics, and the chorus. It’s just a good balance of everything.

“The Irish Brigade (The Fighting 69th)” is another fast paced song with Katie screaming in the background. Katie also makes a memorable appearance with singing lead for the first time(?) on the track “Fuck You.” Wasn’t sure how I was going to like a hardcore punk song from the Mahones but it just works! I actually want a song like this on every Mahones album from now on. With her singing like that, I can only imagine how her voice must have felt afterwards. She must need to drink honey water or something. But whatever is on Katie’s mind and that pisses her off, make a hardcore song about it and just scream! Punk rock!

The song “Turn This Town (New York City)” is another one I love because it sounds like it could have been on the album Here Comes Lucky. I would like to hear this one the next time the band is in town, since it is NYC after all. when I originally was previewing the new album, “Riot Tonight” stuck out. It’s got an important message and it’s relevant with what’s going on out in the world right now. Very Clash of them.

I was very happy to see The Mahones cover “Alternative Ulster” since it’s my favorite Stiff Little Fingers song. Finny & co. definitely do it justice. The last two songs are also covers, “The Parting Glass” and Thin Lizzy’s “Dancing in the Moonlight.” I still would like The Mahones to do a full length covers album because they always pick great songs.

So The Hunger & The Fight Part 1 and 2 is done and think the Mahones were successful in what they were trying to accomplish with the album. I prefer Part 1 than Part 2 but that’s only if I had to chose. Either way, support a hard working band that sounds pretty friggin awesome!

Bottom Line: The more music we get from the Mahones, the better!
Notable Tracks: Sea of Skeletons, Turn This Town, Riot Tonight, Fuck You, Alternative Ulster
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