The Primitives – “Don’t Know Where To Start”

Album Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2023

The Primitives Releasing New EP "Don't Know Where to Start" in January
Image provided by PR and with permission

Record Label: HHBTM Records
Genre: Indiepop
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The UK indiepop band the Primitives are back with another short EP of songs that makes you instantly crave more. Like their previous EP ‘Thrills’ from 2017, each song is infectious.

The title track “Don’t Know Where To Start” gets things going, and it’s a head bopper pop tune. It’s what people expect out of the Primitives. Track 4 is the acoustic version, which I guess seems like a cop-out with getting 4 new tracks. I like the acoustic version but prefer the other version. I just want more songs dammit. Their album ‘Spin-O-Rama’ from 2014 is still constantly played by me and I always put the tracks into various playlists I make.

“Till i’m Alive” is sung by Paul Court, which is always a bonus when a band has two great singers. The guitar strums a little more aggressively than the other poppy songs they usually do and I dig it. “Panic (live)” is taken from their 2017 Part Time Punks session and I love this one too. The Primitives continue to deliver catchy songs, I just wish there were more songs to hear.

Bottom Line: Great new tunes but give me a full-length album!
Notable Tracks: All of the above
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