Riot Before – “Fists Buried In Pockets”

Album Reviews | Nov 23rd, 2008

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Record Label: Say 10
Genre: Punk
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The Riot Before is a bunch of cooks that play punk rock from Richmond, VA. If they stay over your house, expect a nice meal in return. Hey guys, I live in Middletown NY, stop on by.

The band plays punk rock, similar to Against Me, The Descendents, None More Black and Avail. When The Riot Before plays fast punk rock, they are quite good. Even when the band slows it down a bit, it still sounds great. The singers vocals are just right, and the rest of the band compliments his style really well. If you want to hear some interesting, new punk rock, look into The Riot Before here:

Bottom Line: I was quite surprised on how well these guys sound
Notable Tracks: 5 to 9, We Are Wild Stallions, Words Written Over Coffee
Overall Rating:


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