The Selecter – “Daylight”

Album Reviews | Oct 15th, 2017

The Selecter @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY (3)

Record Label: DMF Records
Genre: Ska
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The Selecter has returned with yet another installment to their brand of ska and reggae inspired music entitled Daylight… and it’s really good.

As usual, Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson’s songwriting doesn’t hold back with thoughts critical or countering to issues or topics of the here and now. In the present and how they perceive it is exactly how the band wants to be viewed as they launch themselves from their outlet of touring internationally and releasing what is their twelfth LP. Daylight, undoubtedly, is a very self aware account on the sign of the times in the midst of such things as Brexit or the Alt-right. With “Frontline,” social media is viewed as such, the new forefront in a world of limitless information, hashtags, and viral posts. All of which in itself could be good or bad, the double sided coin or the double edged sword. Of course, optimism and hope in between all of these 21st century woes can be found littered throughout on such tracks as “Daylight,” “The Big Badoof,” and “Things Fall Apart.” Smooth at times with upbeat tempos, high energy rhythm and soulful vocals, the record is a listening pleasure as it turns meaningful songs of social commentary into very danceable and infectious trips.

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Bottom Line: Selecter’s music from recent years have made them one of the most consistent and prolific out of their 2-tone era contemporaries for new and relevant material, making them a must listen for any fan of the genre. Daylight is an equally solid follow-up to its predecessor Subculture.
Notable Tracks: The Big Badoof, Things Fall Apart, Paved with Cold, 3 Reasons
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