The Travoltas – “Until We Hit The Shore”

Album Reviews | Apr 18th, 2017

Travoltas - Until We Hit the Shore
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Record Label: White Russian Records
Genre: Pop Punk
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Netherlands pop punk band The Travoltas are back after calling it the quits several years ago! The band returned to the scene back in 2014 when they released an EP called The Longest Wait. While it was great to hear some new songs, it wasn’t a full length. That changes now, as the band as released 10 new songs with Until We Hit The Shore! The wait was worth it as this album is top notch!

“Ain’t It Enough” starts the album and you can tell the band haven’t missed a beat. They sound like how they sounded back in the ‘00s with albums like Endless Summer and Teenbeat. The experimental new wave/synth punk sound they did in High School Reunion is missing for the most part. It’s more of their Beach Boys pop punk sound that I grew to love. “Tokyo” and “Dying To Do That With You” are some great tunes and the later really evokes the Beach Boys singing style.

The best song on the album is a song called “Sugar Thing.” The chorus is so damn catchy and the song is now probably one of my favorites by The Travoltas. It’s up there with “Beautiful Plastic.” The keyboards stand out a lot for “Better Days” and kind of wish they used them more prominently like in this song. About my only complaint is I think 10 songs is too short and the album could have used another 2 or 3 in my mind.

It’s great that the Travoltas are back and they returned to their style that suits them best. Hopefully by them being back will mean maybe they will finally play New York City sometime soon. For now, I’ll enjoy this new album along with their older albums.

Bottom Line: The Travoltas are back and don’t miss a beat!
Notable Tracks: Tokyo, Dying To Do That With You, Sugar Thing, Better days
Overall Rating:


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