The UVs – “The UVs”

Album Reviews | Nov 23rd, 2008

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Genre: Punk Rock
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The UVs hail from Los Angeles, but the lead singer Mia X used to reside in my current town, Middletown NY. I can see why she left, this place sucks. Mia X has created a punk, rock n roll band similar to the Lunachicks, NY Dolls, and Joan Jett. Imagine Brody of the Distillers singing with the NY Dolls, and you got the UVs. Mia X sounds like Brody a lot.

This 8 track album sounds like it was recorded in the late 80s/early 90s. Im not sure if that was intentional but it works with this style of music. It almost sounds like they are playing at some dive bar, and people in the audience are about to start throwing beer bottles all over the place. If the band got some better production, and steered away from the Brody comparisons, The UVs could be around for awhile.

Bottom Line: Raw punk rock n roll that sounds like The Distillers and Lunachicks
Notable Tracks: Tracks 2, 5
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