The Waymores – “Greener Pastures”

Album Reviews | Aug 28th, 2023

The Waymores - "Greener Pastures"
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Record Label: Chicken Ranch Records
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It’s great to see this married couple back in the country saddle again, with some more happy-go-lucky—as well as more complicated—music for your listening pleasure.

“Under Your Spell Again” features Kira Annalise channeling the lyrics on a cover of the Dusty Rhodes song, with hubs Willie Heath Neal offering up spirited counterpoint. Neal himself takes point on “You Got Gold,” a cover of a John Prine/Keith Sikes track. “Time to Ramble” is a boot-scooting, super fun song that had me wanting to purchase some cowboy boots and get down to the honky tonk STAT. The following tune, “Greener Pastures,” I couldn’t help but love considering the prominent steel pedal, and the party keeps right on truckin’ on “Don’t Worry.”

“Hill Country Waltz,” despite its name, is a tearjerker about love and loss—though that’s not a complaint in any way. Incredibly, the following track, “She’s Gone,” will bring a smile to your face despite the subject matter. Album-closer “Tavern Time” will nudge you to stop sitting at home listening to music and head out to the juke joint to watch it live with your friends! (Musicians gotta live somehow, you know.)

Fun and free-spirited, the Waymores surely don’t need to move on to any pastures more green than this album.

Notable Tracks: She’s Gone, Hill Country Waltz, Time to Ramble, Don’t Worry
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