Thee Nosebleeds – “Thee Nosebleeds”

Album Reviews | Nov 21st, 2011

Record Label: Humaninhuman Records
Genre: Punk
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Philly’s Thee Nosebleeds play dirty-ass, gasoline-huffing rock n’ roll. Their big riffs, guitar solos, and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude are enjoyable in spite of, or maybe a result of, their unpolished and simpleminded meatheadedness.

Vocals are froggy (incidentally, the singer’s name is Kermit), but the rawness works in this scruffy genre. Really, most faults can be forgiven in this genre – such nihilistic punk n’ roll doesn’t exactly burden itself with stellar songwriting, thoughtful lyrics, or precision playing.

If you like the born-to-be-wild leather rock of Blue Oyster Cult filtered through the high-octane punk of Zeke and Electric Frankenstein, this may be the next band you want to do cocaine with.

Bottom Line: By no means a great band, but it’s nice to hear something with balls.
Notable Tracks: As Fast As You Can, Kill Kill Rock N’ Roll / Miss West Philly USA, Motormouth
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