Various Artists – “Nightmare Revisited”

Album Reviews | Oct 25th, 2008

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Record Label: Walt Disney Records
Genre: Sountrack/Rock
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Believe it or not, I only just saw The Nightmare Before Christmas a month ago.

I don’t know why I never saw the classic holiday movie until this summer. Perhaps I just didn’t want to sit through a musical? But my girlfriend wanted to see the movie again so I sat through it and actually enjoyed it a lot. Some of the songs even got stuck in my head for a few days and I starting singing them around the apartment. My girlfriend just LOVES that (that was sarcasm by the way). I was curious to hear how bands would cover the songs so I decided to check out this album.

Nightmare Revisited features music from DeVotchKa, Marilyn Manson, All-American Rejects, Polyphonic Spree, Rise Against, Plain White T’s, Datarock, Korn, Album Leaf, Shiny Toy Guns, Sparklehorse , and others. The main reasons why I wanted to hear this album was because of DeVotchKa and Rise Against. DeVotchKa does a quirky Overture cover, all instrumental. Rise Against perhaps perform one of the best songs on the album with the song Making Christmas. I’m surprised to say this, but I actually like something that Marilyn Manson has done. He does the song This is Halloween, and does an awesome job with it. If there is anyone else to do that song but him, it’s probably Rob Zombie. Besides DeVotchKa, Marilyn Manson, and Rise Against; there are only a few songs on here that I actually liked. The album is very sporadic with likable songs. Datarock do a cool version of To The Rescue song and I thought the Jack and Sally Montage by Vitamin String Quartet was good. Other than that, this album is a hit or miss.

Bottom Line: A few good covers on this album
Notable Tracks: Overture DeVotchKa, This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson, Jack and Sally Montage Vitamin String Quartet, To the Rescue – Datarock
Overall Rating:


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