Versus The World – “Drink Sing Live Love”

Album Reviews | Oct 20th, 2012

Record Label: Viking Funeral Records
Genre: Rock
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Versus The World plays rock (a bit of a punk influence in there obviously) and consist of Mike Davenport (The Ataris), Chris Flippin (Lagwagon), Donald Spence and Bryan Charleson (Crooks and Liars). While the band sounds good at what they do, I just don’t think I would listen to these guys on a daily basis.

The first two tracks are a little whiny to me but “A Fond Farewell” is something up my alley. It’s rockin’, the singing is good and doesn’t sound too wimpy. Plus it’s pretty damn catchy as well. Some of these songs would fit in the alternative rock radio or in some movies. I only enjoyed a couple of songs (see below) because they are just straight up melodic rock tunes. Some songs are a bit too sappy or whiny for my taste but this is a solid release.

Bottom Line: They sound like a more melodic, tame version of Rise Against
Notable Tracks: A Fond Farewell, A Love Song for Amsterdam, Crooks and Liars
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