Waylon Thibodeaux – “Here We Go Again”

Album Reviews | Nov 14th, 2019

Waylon Thibodeaux - "Here We Go Again"
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Record Label: Rabadash Records
Genre: Country/Bluegrass/Blues
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Sometimes all you want is a decent country-bluegrass album to fill out your day, and Waylon Thibodeaux can be the southern-fried cure if you happen to find yourself ailed by the blues.

The album’s title track kicks off with the narrator laughing—at himself—about the many pitfalls he experiences in a relationship. “Funny How Time Slips Away” changes gears for a wistful, jazzy paeon to the need to grab onto the present before it, inevitably, becomes the yesterday.

Incredibly, Thibodeaux then goes for the blues itself on “Don’t You Make Me Put My FiddleDown,” a kind of self-referential lament that somehow also manages to be country at the same time (quite a feat).

“Way Down South” is all but guaranteed to be a staple of the honky tonk line dances in the very near future, and this continues later on the album with “I’m Stuck With the Blues Again.” “Fail Fail Fail” is a fun-filled final track to leave the whole affair behind. Keep your ears to the ground for more of this genre-blending talent from Louisiana.

The album comes out January 17, 2020

Notable Tracks: Funny How Time Slips Away, Don’t You Make Me Put My Fiddle Down, Way Down South, Fail Fail Fail
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