Punk Rock Aerobics

Book Reviews | Mar 10th, 2007

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Author: Maura Jasper and Hilken Mancin
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Genre: Punk/Fitness
Pages: 208
Retail Price: 9.99
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I suppose if something like this HAD to come out, at least the authors seem passionate about the punk rock, and the book is set up like a zine, with band interviews, zine-ish design, headings in a Crass font, and even a hate mail section. It’s not just outsiders cashing in on last year’s mainstream press coverage of the punk rock aerobics classes popping up in LA and NY.

But let’s face it – this book is embarrassing to read, for both the dopey pictures and bad punk/exercise puns, and I can only imagine how dorky a punk rock aerobics class would actually be. On top of that, I’m not exactly sold on mosh pit moves as legitimate exercise regiments. I can understand punks getting pumped up listening to punk, but turning mosh moves into cardiovascular steps seems forced and more than a little silly. And exercising decked out in Doc Martens and studded leather jacket can’t be that comfortable.

Lastly, the punk rock referenced is pretty standard stuff. It’s everything you’d see in a Columbia House catalog, under “Punk”: the standard CBGB bands, the standard early LA punk guys. Not to be elitist, but this could’ve accrued more punk points if it exhibited more interest in contemporary and underground punk rock.

Bottom Line: Real punks don’t exercise. Or do anything, really.
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