The Abyss: Special Edition

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Man, this movie is excellent. This movie is one of my favorite movies and it’s finally on DVD!!! The quality is at it’s best, sound and visual. This DVD is the best DVD that I have seen so far, so hopefully George Lucas will try to surpass this DVD with the Star Wars movies. This widescreen DVD is loaded with stuff like behind the scenes, production notes, original theatreical release, and special edition release (which I prefer) The reason why I prefer the special edition was that James Cameron left out an important part in the movie. When Ed Harris meets the vistors of the Abyss, there is a lot more that is shown and stuff that happens with the people on land. I won’t give it away but it was kind of cool. I hate watching the scenes when the hurricane comes and fucks up the deepcore station. I just have this fear of drowning. I must have hydrophobia or something. So if you like this movie and want to see it in the best available format, definitely pick this double disc DVD up. You won’t be disappointed.

Disc 1:
Widescreen version
Both Original Version and Special Edition movie
Commentary but text only
Collector’s Edition 12n-page booklet Disc 2:
60 minute documentary “Under Pressure: Making The Abyss”
James Cameron’s complete screenplay
Multin-angles of pseudopod sequence
3 DVDn-ROM games
3 Trailers
Extensive storyboards
original concept art
HUGE image gallery
and even more stuff!




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