Tru Calling: The Complete First Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Eliza Dushku, Zach Galifianakis, Shawn Reeves, and Jason Priestley
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Studio: Fox
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Tru Calling, a unique show that Fox introduced last fall, is now available on DVD. The show revolves around the life of Tru Davies, a recent college graduate, whose career goal is to become a doctor. With her desired career in mind, Tru reluctantly takes an offer to internship at the city morgue. While working the graveyard shift, Tru ends up getting much more than she had bargained for.

The show stars Eliza Dushku as Tru Davies, a twenty two year old girl who has survived a tough past. Having witnessed her mother’s murder at the tender age of twelve, Tru is left with a father who rarely acknowledges her existence, an older drug addict of a sister Meredith, and her younger brother Harrison, who is always getting himself into some kind of trouble. Out of the three Davies’ kids Tru is the most grounded and knows what she wants out of life. Tru has always known that she wants to help people and going into the medical field helps her fulfill that. On her first night at the morgue, Tru is caught completely off guard when her first corpse opens up their eyes and asks her for help. When this happens her days rewind and start all over again from the moment she wakes up. What a hell of a way to wake up in the morning! With little understanding of why this happens to her, Tru decides to take it upon herself to help prevent the person from dying that day. In one aspect Tru feels good about having such a , but in another it becomes exhausting.

Tru’s boss Davis, played by the awesome Zach Galifianakis, starts to question Tru about why she is always running around and asking him medical questions that would help save a person’s life. Before Tru can even explain to Davis about what she can do he tells her that he understands what she is going through. Davis informs Tru that he has known of people in the past that had the same “gift” that she has. From that point on, Tru feels that she can trust Davis and he ends up becoming her right hand man on her rewind days.

The only other person Tru trusts with her secret is her twenty one year old brother Harrison. In the first few episodes Harrison has a hard time believing what his sister is telling him. Needing evidence, Harrison humorously asks Tru to prove to him that she relives days by trying to get her to feed his ongoing gambling problem. Even though Tru refuses to support Harrison in his gambling issues, her “gift” does allow her to help him out of numerous situations throughout the season. We watch as this brother and sister form such a bond, that Harrison becomes involved in helping Tru on her rewind days when she doesn’t have enough time to help save somebody on her own. Unfortunately, Tru’s relationship with her sister Meredith is nowhere near what it is with Harrison. Meredith’s way of dealing with the family’s rough past is removing herself and snorting cocaine. At least Tru and Harrison see Meredith on occasion, which is more than they can say about their father.

While working at the morgue Tru starts a relationship with a crime scene photographer named Luc. Considering her new lifestyle, Tru struggles with managing her time between saving people and spending time with Luc. Luc starts to become suspicious of why Tru is always taking off without explanation. Tru wishes she could tell Luc about what she can do, but she feels like he wouldn’t understand. The relationship comes to an unfortunate end as Tru chooses to keep her secret from Luc. Our hearts go out to Tru as we watch her having to constantly bump into Luc at the morgue, knowing how she wishes she could be with him.

Late in the season we are introduced to Jack Harper, a new coroner played by Jason Priestley. Right off the bat we see conflict between he and Tru. There’s something about Jack that Tru doesn’t like, and she has no problem letting him know how she feels and vice versa. The season finale shows this conflict come to a head in a must see episode.

The special features include selected episode commentary, deleted scenes with commentary, three featurettes that show the development of the season and the music video for the show’s theme song, performed by Full Blown Rose.

Overall, Tru Calling is an awesome show that is worth a look if you missed it when Fox first ran it. The DVD, with its featurettes and commentaries give those who have seen it something more to enjoy. With a twist at the end of this season you are left anxiously awaiting the premiere of the second season.

Selected Episode Commentary
Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Creator/Executive Producer Jon Harmon Feldman
“Finding The Calling: The Pilot,”
“The Tru Path: Season One” and “Evil Come Calling: A Late Season Twist”
Featurettes “Somebody Help Me”
Music Video by Full Blown Rose

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround CC

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: “Pilot”, “Putting Out Fires”, “The Longest Day”, “Daddy’s Girl”, “Two Weddings And A Funeral”
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 880 minutes
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