Buck O Nine @ Sea Sea’s, Moosic PA

Live Reviews | Apr 15th, 1999

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Opening Bands: Fenix TX, Sgt Scagnetti
Date: April 15th 1999
Venue: Sea Sea’s, Moosic PA

This is the first time I’ve seen Buck O Nine, and I thought they were pretty damn good.

We got to the show kinda late since I had a night class, but when we did Sgt. Scagnetti was playing. I was curious to see if this show would draw a good crowd, and from the looks of it, it was a very good crowd, size wise. Of course they were full of cheesy alterna-teens who I’ve never seen at any other show there in my life. Anyways, Sgt. Scagnetti was rockin out and they kicked ass as usual. They didn’t get the crowd moving til the end of there set. They played some new stuff as well as there older stuff. Overall,they were great as usual.

Next up was Fenix TX. I only liked one song from these guys in “Minimum Wage,” the rest gets on my nerves. Plus the singer thinks he’s hot shit, and he’s not! He’s like 4’11” and thinks he’s the man. After them was Blink 182, err I mean Homegrown. They are very very similar to Blink and the one guitarist/singer looks like the guitarist from Blink. They do have a couple of good songs, but I wasn’t too crazy about them. Finally Buck O Nine was up. They played lots of stuff, ranging from older album stuff to newer popular songs. I bought the album at the show so I didn’t have a chance to hear the new songs before hand. From what I heard the new stuff was excellent. I think it’s almost better than Twenty Eight Teeth. The new album is called Libido.

They played the first song off that called “Who are they,” and it was great. Others that they played were “Round Kid,” “Nineteen,” “Pass the Dutchie,” “Water in My Head,” “Irish Drinking Song.” The speakers seemed to be going during there set, because lots of crackling and shit was happening. Plus some stupid kid in an H2O shirt was trying to be cool and swing and stuff at a friggin ska show. The kid was like 17 or so and he is obviously under the impression you can do that here. Plus he thought he was cool for charging the stage during Buck O Nine and trying to knock the band over. What an asshole! I think he should take the H2O shirt off because he doesn’t know shit about music. Other than that prick, it was an excellent show.


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