Mephiskapheles @ The Showplace Theater, Buffalo, NY

Live Reviews | Jan 1st, 1997

Radicsfest 2019 @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC - Pilfers, Mephiskapheles, Spring Heeled Jack, Hub City Stompers, Rude Boy George, Sgt. Scagnetti (59)

Opening Bands: Mexican Cession
Date: March 26th
Venue: The Showplace Theater, Buffalo, NY

On March 26th, Mexican Cession and Mephiskapheles played at The Showplace Theater. Both bands played well. I finally saw the whole set of Mexican Cession.

I drove this time. I failed to get a set-list, so I don’t know the song names, but I liked what I heard. Meph had plenty of time for a nice long set, and that they had, twenty-four songs in all. They started off w/ “Center of..”, “Satan on the Beach”, and “bad john”. Others included “danse me not”, “break your ankle punk”, “eskamoes”, “rank and file”, “satanic debris”, “admiral stockdale”, “bad toupee”, “mephiskapheles”, and “doomsday” after that they took a short break, and returned w/ “saba”. all in all, it was a good show. I guess the buffalo scene isn’t that bad after all.


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