NOFX @ The Funhouse, Buffalo, NY

Live Reviews | May 3rd, 1998

NOFX, Direct Hit, Mephiskapheles @ Irving Plaza, NYC (11)

Opening Bands: Hi Standard, Ducky Boys
Date: May 3rd 1998

On Sunday, may 3rd, Ducky Boys, Hi-Standard, and NOFX played the Funhouse in Buffalo, NY.

It was an awesome show. I missed the duckyboys and a few songs from hi-standard due, once again, to poor transportation, but what I saw kicked ass. Hi-standard are a really good live band. They played stuff off of both their albums, like, “ever see the rain”, the pink panther theme, and “fighting fists, angry souls” and stuff from the fat-wreck comps, like “my sweet dog”, and “California dreaming”. they’re really good, although it is hard to understand them, I didn’t realize their accents were so thick, but it was cool.

NOFX really kicked ass. Some guy spit in fat mike eyes, so he pinched him (he didn’t want to get sued). they started off w/ “the k-hole” and “green corn”. then they played eight songs in four minutes like: “fuck the kids”, “six pack girls”, “hobophobic”, “punk guy”, “fuck the kids some more”. they played a cover of the misfits song “138”, some bad religion songs, “kill all the round eye” (for hi-standard), “linoleum”, “the brews”, “hot dog in a hall way”, “release the hostages”, “the cause”, “bob”, and they ended with “bugley eyes” as always. This was a great fucking show. I was at the fence most of the night, until some crowd surfers foot ripped my earring out, but I had a blast. I love punk shows.


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