The Bourne Supremacy

Movie Reviews | Jul 23rd, 2004

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Starring Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, Marton Csokas, Gabriel Mann
Written By: Robert Ludlum (novel), Tony Gilroy (screenplay)
Directed By: Paul Greengrass

Bourne Identity was a good film, it had great acting, cool action scenes but this movie is ten times better than that one.

The sequel starts off with a mission gone wrong in Berlin. 2 CIA agents are killed, and the CIA want answers. They find out that Jason Bourne was involved, and they go on a witch hunt looking for him. Jason wasn’t even there but he got framed and now he comes out of hiding to clear his name. While this is all happening, Jason still doesn’t know who he is, and knows too much from the last time we saw him. He has flashbacks and weird dreams but it’s all bits and pieces.

For some reason, he keeps remember a certain dream involving his old boss Conklin and something having to do with Berlin. We find out later what happened there. It’s nothing really special about the overall story, but more about what kind of person he is. This movie was just better than the first one. The story was better and more intriguing, there’s some twist and turns in here I wasn’t expecting, the score sounded awesome, the direction is great and the film was edited together nicely. Matt Damon fits this part well, I was hesitant in the Bourne Identity because he doesn’t seem like an action star but these movies aren’t those type of movies. The Bourne Supremacy isn’t like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie with tons of explosions and hummers driving through Jamican towns with rap music playing. If I had to put this in a genre, I’d say it’s a political action thriller in the same category as the Jack Ryan films.

The story and the complexity of the movie isn’t dumbed down for the audience and I like that. Karl Urban (Eomer from Lord of the Rings) plays the villain and his presence in the film was just awesome. I see him doing a lot more work in the future. Another LOTR actor, Martin Csokas was briefly in the movie playing yet another villain. A lot of the characters (that survived the first one) are back as well. Some of the action scenes were put together better than the first film. the first film felt cluttered with the action sequences. These flowed nice and the fighting seemed more real. More blood every where and rolling around in the ground type of fighting. If I was fighting someone, I’d try to find something to grab and fight that person with it. What does Jason Bourne use, a rolled up magazine! Now that’s some improvising! haha. The car chases in the movie are great.

I don’t know, but something about long car chases in an European city just seems really cool to me. That’s why I like the movie Ronin so much. The ending of the movie has some closure to the first two movies, but not sure what’s gonna happen in the third film. I never read the books so not sure who comes back and what happens. Maybe I should check out these books because the movies are awesome. Definitely put this on your must-see list of the summer (Though I’d advise to see Bourne Identity first).

Favorite Scenes: Loved the chase through India, the foot chase through Berlin and the Russian car chase.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 104 minutes
Overall Rating:


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