Movie Reviews | Feb 14th, 2003

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Starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jon Favreau, Joe Pantoliano, David Keith
Written By: Mark Steven Johnson
Directed By: Mark Steven Johnson

I collected comics but I never read them. I collected Daredevil, and the other Marvel comics but I didn’t really know the story of Daredevil that much.

I basically knew he was blind and that was it haha. I had low expectations with this film because the trailers looked kind of lame and cheesy, probably because of the music playing over the trailer. But overall, this film is fun & entertaining. The story is about a boy named Matt Murdock living in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen, and his father is a boxer/ thug. Matt gets blinded by some radioactive material and can’t see anymore, but that accident enhanced his other senses. His Dad gets killed because he didn’t throw a fight he was in and Matt Murdock becomes Daredevil, to bring people to justice or something. Ben Affleck does a good job as the masked man, and I was convinced that he was blind and an action star.

Jennifer Garner is one hot mama and seeing her kick some ass and fighting with sais is really sexy. Colin Farrell steals the movie in my opinion as Bullseye. When he’s on the airplane coming from Ireland, it’s really funny what happens and I thought it was the best scene in the movie. Michael Clarke Duncan did a great impression of Suge Knight (hahaha). I thought the movie was overall, entertaining but there was still lots of flaws with the film. I thought the fight scenes were hard to follow or sometimes too well choregraphed like Elektra and Matt on the playground fighting. The CGI was really noticable (the CGI doubles), but it didn’t take away from the film I think. I didn’t like the trendy rock soundtrack in the film, only one song fit the movie and that was House Of Pain with Bullseye. What I liked in the film besides Colin Farrell’s character and Jennifer Garner’s hot body, was the blind vision that Daredevil had.

The graphics for that was really cool and helped the audience know what he was going through. I kind of wished they showed how Daredevil got his costume, something similar to how Spiderman did it. Or how he thought of the name daredevil. I presented it in front of the audiences with certain scenes, but they don’t actually spell it out. I liked how the film had some jokes and made you laugh instead of a straight up, taking ourselves serious comic book movie. Overall, the film has it flaws but that won’t stop people seeing this. It’s going to make lots of money and I’m glad because I like comic book movies and want them to succeed. Colin Farrell’s Bullseye is funny, over the top villian that steals the movie. Go see this if you want to be entertained. “Are you not entertained!!!???”

Favorite Scenes: Bullseye’s airplane ride, Any scene with Jennifer Garner, Blind Vision
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 103 minutes
Overall Rating:


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