One Night at McCool’s

Movie Reviews | Apr 27th, 2001

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Starring Matt Dillion, Liv Tyler, Paul Reiser, John Goodman, Michael Douglas
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One Night At McCools is a dark comedy, that gives 3 perspectives on 1 story and it all comes together at the end. I like movies like this, such examples are Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Pulp Fiction.

This movie isn’t those movies but I thought that “One Night at McCools” was very well edited and very funny also. 3 of the characters re-tell their stories of One Night At McCools. Randy, played by Matt Dillion, talks with a professional killer (Michael Douglas), at a bingo hall, Detective Dehling (John Goodman) talks with his priest, and Carl the lawyer (Paul Reiser) talks with his therapist. Most of the movie is told in flashbacks, from their different point of views. They all see Jewel, played by Liv Tyler as a sexy temptress and they think she would be great with each of them. They all meet her at the bar McCools and fall in love with her instantly.

Jewel has her own plans and is very manipulative to all of the characters. Show some leg, or cleavage, and she’ll get the guys to do anything. It’s kind of hard to explain the story without giving away some stuff. If this movie has any point to give, it’s that guys are suckers when it comes to females. To continue, I thought the movie was actually quite funny at some spots. It had a very stylish look with some great camera angles and cinematography. The best characters in the movie were Carl the lawyer, Utah and his twin brother played by Andrew Dice Clay or Andrew Silverstein. They had the best lines in the movie, and I wish Diceman was in the movie longer.

If anyone is a Opie and Anthony fan, they would know some of Dice’s lines in the movie. The movie is slow at first but picks up once the plot is established. The ending of the movie is worth the price of admission because it’s really funny how everything comes together. I think this movie could have been better and more funnier than it was, but overall, it was a good movie.

Favorite Scenes: a nice car wash scene, but the best was the ending, like the last half hour.
Rating: R
Running Time: 92 minutes
Overall Rating:


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