Reindeer Games

Movie Reviews | Feb 20th, 2000

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Starring Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Gary Sinise
Written By: Ehren Kruger
Directed By: John Frankenheimer

After movies like Armageddon I have come to expect very little from Ben Affleck in terms of plot quality, but Gary Sinise should have known better.

Ben Affleck played a convict who was just released from prison. He is tricked into helping Gary Sinise and his Goons hit a hotel casino on some Indian reservation in the middle of B.F.E.

The plot was boring, unoriginal and unimaginative. The script writing was mediocre and the scenery was like something out of a made for t.v. movie. The writers actually had the audacity to have Gary Sinise say ,”I wont play any of your Reindeer games”. besides naming the movie in the script this line was completely irrelevant and unnecessary. The only saving grace of this movie was Charlize Theron whom happens to be one of the five hottest females to have ever graced the big screen with a nude scene.

that’s right folks, she gets naked, and i must say that even though the rest of the movie sucked, that one part made the $7.25 i paid well worth every penny. to Ben Affleck I say “you’ll never be as good as Matt Damon” to Gary Sinese I say “What the Fuck were you thinking!”

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