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Movie Reviews | Jul 13th, 2001

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Starring Robert Deniro, Edward Norton, Marlon Brando, and Angela Bassett
Written By: Scott Marshall Smith, Daniel E. Taylor, Kario Salem
Directed By: Frank Oz

I heard good things, I heard things…Nick (played by Deniro) is an old time thief, who’s ready to quit and run a legitimate business as a jazz club owner and live with his girlfriend Diane (Angela Bassett).

Then big big Max Baron (Marlon Brando) walks in and gives Deniro an offer he can’t refuse. He eventually teams up with Jackie, played by Edward Norton and they have to steal some priceless scepter in Montreal.

The acting, Frank Oz’s direction and Howard Shore’s score was all great. Deniro did a decent job but I think Ed Norton stole the show. I thought he had the hardest job to play. He had to mimic a handicap. Not like making fun type of thing, like playing one. Plus he has a lot of funny lines too, so did Marlon Brando. Man is that guy huge or what!!?? I remember when all the ladies were screaming at him because he was so hot back in the Street Car Named Desire days, now they are screaming at him because he’s freakin HUGE! Anyway, It seemed like the first 5 minutes was like a bunch of short twenty second clips spliced into a 5 minute opening to show the opening credits.

I thought the movie was slow in the beginning for awhile but I guess they had to show some character development and introduce the audience to the plot a little. It definitely picked up towards the middle of the movie to right at the end, then it stopped and the movie was done. My last review complained that the movie should have ended a half hour earlier, this one should have went into more before the ending of the film. Maybe they planned a sequel or something, I don’t know…But it would have been a little interesting to see what happens. Now I have to talk about what happened during the movie. Throughout the movie, everybody was talking. I knew people would because it was at a late showing, and late showings of movies always attract idiots, morons, bitches, and hoes yo. Well a fight almost broke out.

Three women were talking in the background throughout most of the movie. Then during the middle of the movie, a guy in front of me, got up and yelled right in this girl’s face to get outside, like trying to fight her. I was giggling my mother fucking ass off in my seat at this because I was glad the guy had some balls to say something. The stupid girl kept talking and the guy got really mad and stood up, and said SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BITCH!!! At this point, everyone totally forgot about the movie and was watching a fun event right in the theater! She was calling this guy all names, like pink dick or pig something because he said he was a cop and so was his friend. Eventually the dumb bitch got kicked out of theater from a movie attendant. So whoever this guy was for yelling at this girl, I applaud you. Dumb fucking idiots, I’m sick of people talking during the movie!

Anywho, The movie is probably worth to see because of the fine acting of Deniro, Norton, and Brando. Plus I like robbery movies so if you like that type of movie, than this one is worth a viewing. Even though I thought the movie was pretty predictable. You be the judge.

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