5 Cent Deposit

Interviews | Jun 19th, 2006

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You know, I’ve always known Long Island was punk rock. Where you guys from exactly? Are you in da 516?
John L: I’m in da 631, formerly 516.
Chris K: Nope, 718 baby!
Lieber: Same as John L. – 631.

Who’s punker: you guys or drunk Islander fans on the LIRR?
JL: Sports, what are sports?
CK: Definitely drunk Islander fans.
L: Well, I’m not very punk, so I’d say the drunk Islander fans.

Would you rather have a 3-way with Amy Fisher and Lizzie Grubman, or spend the day with Tony Danza?
JL: Sex is good, Tony Danza is a guy…I’ll take the threesome please.
CK: I’ll take the 3-way please.
L: Do you actually know Tony Danza? Could you really make this happen?

Would you rather play a gig in the Hamptons or play a gig at the Amityville Horror house?
JL: The horror house without a doubt.
CK: The Amityville house.
L: Definitely the Hamptons with Muffy, Buffy and Tad…no the horror house of course.

Do you have any good spooky Long Island stories?
JL: Long Island is kinda spooky in itself.
CK: Fuck Long Island.
L: Read the Montauk Experiment, I thought that was kinda spooky.

What are some jobs you’ve had before becoming punk stars?
JL: I didn’t know we were punk stars but, pizza delivery, bartender, sprinklers, shit like that.
CK: Fast food, retail sales, mechanic, gigolo.
L: Internet porn.

Now that you’re on Radical and you’ve heralded a whole new era for Long Island punk, what is left for you to do?
JL: Your mom
CK: Have the 3-some with Amy Fisher and Lizzie Grubman.
L: Take over the world of course.

Check out their debut album We Have Your Daughter! on Radical Records. Visit the band at www.5centdeposit.com