The Allstonians

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Who are the members of the band and what does each play:
Dtrain Morrow – vocals and saxaphones (they all seem to have more than one now-a-days. Eric ‘Birdsong’ Bridson – Trombone and hoob Tom ‘Quartulli’ Simmons – Saxaphoes and irritation Tim ‘Double Decker’ Wheeler – trumpet and meditation Matt ‘The Rim Man’ (Boston joke) Maloney – drums and political screed Kurt ‘Luke’ Wahlstrom – bass gutiar and Volvo Steve ! – guitar and gin martinis Nigel T Knucklehead – keys, vocals and a walker

Ska …………… what’s the definition of ska?
Don’t you have a dictionary?

How long have you all been around and what made you want to start a band?
King K and I (Nigel) had been listening to ska for years. We were actually in a ska band called Ska’d for Life (another Boston joke) years ago. Steve ! was in a ska band. Kurt and Tommy are in Green Island. Tim is in The Double Deckers from FLA. Matt was a ska DJ and on and on and on. Plus three of us are Jamaican.

What do you think of TRL on mtv? is Carson Daley as lame as i think he is?
MTV is a drain on indiciduality and creativity. Say the ‘N’ word enough if you are black or strut like a woman and have your eyebrows plucked(boy bands) if you are a guy, act like a slut and sing too many notes if you are a woman. It all sucks. And the more you watch it, the dumber you become.

Where are you all from?
Around Massachusetts.

Are there any bands you haven’t played with yet, but would really like to?
The Smoking Popes, Shane MacGowan, Neil Diamond.

What are your goals as a band, and do you think you are achieving them?
To make enough money to do this full time. Well, maybe more money than that. And no, we haven’t or our press agent would be writing this and signing my name.

What’s one thing about the band that no one else knows…… but that you’ll tell me?
We actually have a good time together. It is hard to get rehearsals going because we talk and fool around for far too long. Really.

What do you think about the US/UN sanctions on Iraq that are preventing the children from getting medicine?
Don’t let the media coverage fool you. (this is Nigel’s opinion and there are many who won’t like it). If Iraq has enough money to develope weapons, they have enough money for medicine for children. With that stated, at whom should we be wagging the liberal finger?

Should elian gonzalez have done back to cuba?
Who knows? That was a media created situation that both sides were trying to use for their own ends.Castro? Corrupt. The US government? Corrupt. The US media? Corrupt. That poor kid was traumatized for higher interests.

What does mtv stand for?
Making Televison Vegetables

Who is your favorite band to play with?
Skatalite first but Big D and the Kid’s Table, Chelsea on Fire, Skoidats, Double Deckers.

What is your mode of transportation on tour? does it have a name?
5 passenger van from Budget Rent-a-Car with optional hoob tray. Comfy and fast.

Is this the coolest interview you have ever done? please explain?
This one! I got to spew my political screed. And this is helping with our new CD which is due out in April. 8 new songs, a bargain price and the Allstonians back in circulation.

How did the name allstonians come about?
Kingstonians, New Clarendonians…hmmm…we’re from Allston so…you know the rest.

Do you prefer country music or new age?
Country, I listen to it all the time. Listening to New Age is like having your penis cut off while listening to animals being slaughtered. Another way to anesthitize the masses. have you noticed that most new age fans are old fucking hippies whose brains have been turned to mush by their excesses?

Who’s more of a devil marilyn manson or george w.bush……. please explain.
Neither one. Tammy Faye Baker, L. Ron Hubbard,Prince, that fucker from MTV…any one of these is a much better candidate.

Do you eat the crust on pizza?
Sometimes if there is beer left.

What are your condoms of choice while on tour? Trojan, life styles, or magnum?
Any that happens to be handy as long as they aren’t used.

Have you ever tried to light one of your farts on fire? if not would you ever?
That is one of my oldest party tricks. The women love it!

Is the show jackass really that bad of an example for today’s youth? would you ever appear on it?
Only if the youth of America are dumb enough to try it. And yes, a lot of them are. What other culture would have to have a disclaimer before a cartoon (Beavis and Butthead) to tell people not to do what the characters do? I would love to be on the show.

Wasn’t this interview fun?
This interview was the balls. You mean it is over? Remember the opinions expressed here were solely from the embittered mind of Nigel T Knucklehead. You’d have to ask the rest of the guys if they agree. And remember, the new CD is done and will be sout sometime soon. Keep an eye out at for all the Allstonians news you need.