Flogging Molly

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Give me 10 words or less how you guys got started as a band?
Met at a pub in La called Molly Malones

a) You’re currently working on a new album, coming out in the fall right?

b) What can we expect from that?
A new CD with some different ideas and some different approaches to things. We’re working with a producer, Ted Hutt he helped us with Drunken Lullabies after we did all we could do at Steve Albini’s. This is the first time we are working on pre production with a producer. His input has really caused us to stretch out and try different things.

Do you guys get sick of being compared to the Pogues?
No, it’s quite a compliment.

Have you ever thought of doing a straight up acoustic/traditional sounding album instead of the punk & rock mixed in?
Yeah, I know I have, There may be some of that mixed in this new CD, it’s too early to tell if it will make it on the CD.

Did you ever get caught flogging the dolphin when you were younger?
Do you mean jerking off? If so, no.

If you had to associate each member of the band with a Simpsons or Family Guy character, which character would they be?
Dave is Monte Burns. Every guy has Homer Simpson in him. I’m not sure about Bridget, maybe the baby in the Family Guy.

Does Darby O’Gill and the Little People movie scare the shit outta of you too?
Never saw it.

What are some Celtic rock/punk bands that you like? I dig The Levellers a lot.
Dropkick Murphys, Rogues March, Real McKenzies

Are there any musicians or singers you would want to work with in the future?
Shane MacGowan, Lee Perry, Fat Mike, The Popes

Do you think your vote really matters?

a) What do you think of all the censorship crap happening around the country?
I think it is an issue that we have to always keep an eye on and at the moment it does seem to be getting out of hand. Especially with all of the media giants buying everything and having so much control over the what is presented.

b) Do you think the USA is becoming a bunch of tight asses?
No that’s a generalization I not sure I see.

Flogging Molly seems to be touring non-stop, what does the band do on the off-days?
Well now we are rehearsing and writing our next record.

Who do you think is hotter: Molly Ringwald or Molly Shannon?
I don’t know who Molly Shannon is.

Final Comments, plugs, whatever?

Thanks to Dennis for taking time to answer this Q&A during their busy tour schedule. Check them out on this year’s Warped Tour. Visit their official website and go buy their music!