Mad Caddies (Sascha)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

Mad Caddies, Mrs. Skannotto, Across The Aisle at Santos Party House, NYC - May 16th 2014 (11)

Do you guys consider yourself a ska band or more a Dixieland punk band with a pirate attitude?
Definately, the second. We still do play ska and always will but what makes our band is more of the dixie/punk kinda sound. But if someone wants to call us a ska band I don’t mind. There wrong, but I don’t mind. Noone in the band is scared of the “S” word.

What is the ultimate magazine to bring on tour?
Ones with lots of pictures like Better Homes & Gardens or Cat Fancy. I just can’t make up my mind. You’d think after touring for five years I’d have a favorite but I just can’t decide

What Simpsons character does each member resemble and act like?
I am honestly not that familiar with the simpsons. You might have to take chucks answer on that one.

I saw you guys for the first time a few years back on the Warped Tour, “Quality Softcore” just got released you feel you are getting more and more popular now that you’ve been on Fat Wreck for awhile?
Yes, touring and writing better music has gotten us more popular for sure.

What’s more punk rock…To appear on Cribs or play at the Super Bowl?
Cribs for sure. But it’s all about what you’d do on those shows more than simply just appearing.

My friend Adam used to work at Moon. At one point, there was an intern who wouldn’t fucking shut up about you guys. She was the biggest Mad Caddies groupie. It was so bad, that they actually fired her because she wouldn’t stop obsessing over you. Do you
I have no clue who you’re talking about. I bet that would get alittle annoying. That was awhile ago so I bet she listens to emo now so I’d tell her shut the fuck up, smile, and drink a beer.

Would you rather drink a quart of your own urine or a Dixie cup of someone else’s sperm?
Urine, sperms not all that it’s cracked up to be.

What do you do when not playing in the Mad Caddies?
I Like to Cook, Read, and play music. I’ve got a great bunch of friends that all enjoy to do the same so we hang out and enjoy life.

Ok, I’m going to give you a multiple choice question about me.. What was the main reason why I got fired from a Web Design job in 2000? A) Had sex with a female co-worker on my desk. My Boss caught me and fired me on the spot. B) Didn’t clean up my Su
What kinda webs did you design? Spider webs, That must have been kinda hard. Did you go to school for that?

(Answer was B by the way)

What’s your feelings on this garage rock shit coming out all of a sudden?
I’m very pessimistic about new “HOT” music. So I’d have to say that I don’t like 99% of it. I just don’t care about new bands that people talk about. These days I live in my own world or reggae,jazz,polka,calypso,klezmer,exc… I haven’t been to the current rock,pop,punk section of a record store in a long time. I go straight to the international/jazz section then right out the door.

How do you think the new album compares to your other releases? I think it’s pretty rockin’ !!!
Thank you, I think it’s just better. All the typical genres that we play just with better songs. We have finally come into our sound and I think we’ll be here for a bit.

Anything else to plug?
A cool new band called Flashlight Brown. There from Canada. check em out. thanks sascha