Mu330 (Dan)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

what tour that you have done sticks out as your favorite and who was it with?
At this point, we’ve done so many tours, with so many bands that it’s mostly a big blur of fun! We’ve played over 1400 shows!!! I kind of look at life as constantly being on tour. Even when I’m at home, I’m on tour! The cruise doesn’t stop just because you’re in one city for more than 24 hours.

was gerry lunquist really a professional wrestler and would you ever wrestle him?
Yes, he was, and no I wouldn’t. He would crush me soooo fast. Gerry is STRONG!

i know you have begun an accoustic side project…………… what are your plans with that?
I tour and play solo shows when MU330 is not on the road. I’m going to record another solo album this summer, this time with more guest musicians.Hopefully Mike will put it out on Asian Man.

what’s it like in your rv driving from town to town. who drives and how crazy is it in there?
It’s more stinky than crazy. Gerry Drives about 98% of the time. I fill out e-mail interviews on the laptop, Ted and Rob shoot each other up at Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64, and Chris does pushups and situps and reads romance novel after romance novel. Sometimes he cries.

i know you guys have a live album soon to be releases titled “ohhhhh yeeeeaaaaa”, what’s behind the name and what can fans expect from it?
The Album is out now! The title is a direct quote from Gerry Lundquist. he says it all the time, and anyone who hangs out with him for any length of time winds up saying it a lot too. The fun thing about the live album, is that there’s a 42 page booklet inside with lots of pictures, and a list of the first 1300 shows we ever played, and there’s also a list of just about every band we’ve ever played with.

is there a significance behind the name mu330 (besides it being the bands name)?
We met our freshman year in high school and that was the section # of the band class, MMusic-330, like EN-101

if you could ask for three things you don’t have what would you ask for and why?
I really have most of the things I need. One thing I would ask for is dental insurance. If I get hit in the mouth with a mic again I’m screwed. I can’t afford new teeth, and I’m not a big fan of punk rock teeth.

are there any bands mu330 hasn’t played with yet…. but really wants to?
I don’t know, theres really no “Fantasy bands” that we haven’t played with that I would just flip about. The best bands to tour with are the ones that you know nothing about, and then you get on tour and they’re nice people, and you realize that it’s going to turn out that you’ll wind up being really good friends. That’s what happened when we went on tour with the band Cooter, and it’s happening right now on tour with Big D and the Kiids Table. That’s one of the most exciting things for me about touring is meeting other bands and hitting it off really well.

are there any goals you haven’t achieved as a band that you would like to?
I want to put out 30 albums with MU330. I just want to keep writing songs and releasing records. It would be fun to write more songs for movies too. Last year we wrote a song for a German Movie called Dopplepack. That was a lot of fun.

the song stuff is about wanting a girls “stuff”. who’s the girl and who’s the band member wanting it?
That song was written over 11 years ago, when I was in high school. I’m 28 now, and as I look back over mysongwriting career, that song is definantly not one of my proudest moments.

who wins the band drinking contests and what are your drinks of choice?
Gerry… -everything swallowable

as you know there is a hostage stand off going on with china…….. what are your thoughts on it and what would you do to resolve it if you were president?
We’ve been on tour since the start of the whole mess. I don’t really know what the president should do, I just hope he doesn’t turn it into a big fight. That would be horrible. To tellyou the truth though, I’m barely qualified to be in a touring band, much less to make presidential decisions that could drastically effect world peace!

i know you guys have frequented japan and are planning on going back soon. what’s your favorite part of japan and compare the scene to that of the united states.
Japan is amazing. I love touring there. The ska-punk scene is really thriving there as opposed to the United States. When we toured there last year opening for Potshot, over 5000 people came to the show in Osaka!!!

what can mu be found doing on a friday if they don’t have shows or practice?
BBQing, hanging out with friends. Riding bikes. Writing songs!!!

if you had to come up with one sentence about how cool is what would you come up with? embodies everything that I believe is hip and cool, and I think that it is pretty much the culmination of every worthwhile thing worth mentioning on this planet.