None More Black

Interviews | May 30th, 2006

None More Black have a new album out called “This is Satire” on Fat Wreck Chords. Appparently they don’t like a bit of joking around and stupid questions. Paul answered the questions and just seems a bit pissed off from them. Oh well.

It’s almost been 3 years since your last full-length album. Why has it taken you slackers this long to put out another full-length album?

Slackers huh.. Starting off on the wrong foot there bud. We took our time, made some changes and it was what we needed to do. Shit happens.

How did you guys go about auditioning new members? Was it like American Idol or that stupid INXS show?

We asked Jared if he wanted to play drums and he said yes. Pretty simple story actually.

If you had to remove one song from your newest album, what would it be?
Peanutbutter. I love it. But its the most straight forward tune. I dig lot of the more creative stuff a lot more.

Does being featured on the main page of Myspace have it’s benefits…like you know, picking up 16 year old girls? (p.s. – got any you can send my way? giggity giggity)

The Quagmire ref was your only saving grace. But we’re adults. We don’t use our band to pick up chicks. We’ve done this long enough. We do what we do because we love it. Not to meet 16 yr old.. Or any age girls. Were all
spoken for.

Think of one question you always get asked in interviews and what is your response to that?

There are a million stupid questions.. I couldn’t pick one.

You’ve been in your fair share of clubs, which venue has the most disgusting bathroom?
CBGBs.. My fav club.. But shits mad grimey.

Which is better, the original or the sequel:
Terminator or Terminator 2?
Toy Story or Toy Story 2?
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Bogus Journey?
Care Bears Movie or Care Bears Movie II: New Generation?
Aliens or Alien?
Evil Dead II or Army of Darkness?
Problem Child I or Problem Child II?

Dude.. I’m answering this shit on my phone. T2, fuck Care Bears.. Excellent Adventure, never saw Toy Stories,
Alien, Evil Dead 2, first Ninja Turtles and
first Problem Child.

If you ever had the chance to make a movie about yourself, which actor would play you?

Sumeul L. Jackson

The last 4 questions were unanswered…Hey, they were good ones too!! :)