Voodoo Glow Skulls

Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

Voodoo Glow Skulls @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY (20)

How does it feel being one of the longest-running ska bands? Do you take bands under your wing?
Eddie Casillas (guitar): It feels great! It’s second nature to us. This is what we’ve always liked doing! We try and help bands out but it seems like no one ever helps us!

You pretty much introduced ska music to the world, and yet lesser bands have become more successful (Suicide Machines, Less Than Jake, etc.). Are you bitter?
We’ve had our bitter moments but that stuff just gets in the way of the creative process and prevents us from focusing on VGs music. We feel pretty fullfilled with our career and what we’ve done! I think the music speaks for itself.

Why do you sometimes sing in Spanish if you’re not from Spain?
Well most of us are mexican or mexican american and grew up with the latin culture in our homes. My two brothers and I and our drummer Jerry all grew up in spanish speaking households. Spanish is something less than jake and suicide machines can’t do!

What was it like doing a song for the Garfield movie?
I didn’t know we had a song in a garfield movie?! That may not be us!?

How do you respond to criticism that your albums are too short?
We love Too Short! He’s a musical genius.

Who is your arch-nemesis?
We don’t have time to hate lately! Sorry.

What will be your real job if this band doesn’t pan out?
Recording Engineer/Gigolo

Do horns belong in ska music?
Only devil horns! Maybe car horns?!

Do you worry that Bush might not be reelected?
No, I think he’s a shoe in and will do a better job than any fat-ass rich punk rocker will do!

Anything you’d like to add?

Well, they didn’t take to my bait, which means VGS is smarter than the average band. Go visit them here. They’ve also got a new album coming out this month on Victory Records.