Music Video: Chris Trapper – “Skin”

Media | Oct 29th, 2013

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Singer/songwriter Chris Trapper (also of The Push Stars) just released a brand new album called Technicolor. You can purchase that at his website now but he also just released a music video for the track “Skin.” The song is actually off his previous album The Few and The Far Between. Chris does things a little bit nontraditional, like releasing a music video for an album that came out a few years ago. Enjoy it anyway!

Chris Trapper wrote this on his Facebook page today:

In an unprecedented marketing move, I have decided to release a video for a song off my LAST record, the same week I release my new record. Truthfully, I met a great director this summer in NYC, Chris Cannucciari, who came up with a beautiful concept for my song “Skin” (off my Few and Far Between cd) that was too good to ignore. If you’re bored at the office, pretend to be shuffling papers and check this out!


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