Teaser Trailer: A Good Day To Die Hard

Media | Oct 4th, 2012

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Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Fucker! The 5th(!?) Die Hard movie A Good Day To Die Hard is coming out February 14th, 2013 and will feature John McClane getting caught up with terrorists once again (hopefully the last time). I wasn’t a fan of the 4th movie and think they should have stopped after that, but whatever, maybe I’ll check this one out. I still can’t get over the 4th movie’s stunt where the car comes flipping up in the air and almost lands on top of them. I think that took me out of the movie. John McClane is going to Jack Bauer territory; how many times can just one guy have a bad day?

When John McClane’s son Jack gets into trouble while in Russia, McClane travels to Moscow to help him out, only to get caught up in a terrorist plot involving the circumstances behind his son’s arrest.


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