Coolie Ranx Raising Money For A Ska Festival

Music News | By on Feb 18th, 2016


Pilfers’ frontman Coolie Ranx is raising money on GoFundMe for a Ska Festival to happen in the Northeast (or somewhere else?). Things like New England Ska Festival are a thing of the past but the ska community would like to have a big ska festival again. Sure, there’s the London Ska Festival (but that’s in London) and few years ago there was Apple Stomp but Coolie wants to bring bands from all over the world to play the big ska festival. They are trying to raise money for this ska festival to happen Fall 2016 so let’s get this going!

Good day evening or night,

My name is Coolie Ranx I am a ska singer and have been for the last 25 plus years. I have watched venues vanish and it become increasinly difficult for ska bands to play . The support for Ska bands in mainstream was only there when they thought that could suck the blood out of us ( I mean make a profit lol ) So many bands where over looked and under appreciated. There was a time when it was just about the music. This is where I am heading to bring the best ska bands from near and far to a festival. Bands from Jamaica, England, Europe, Japan, South America and of course USA @ Canada.

In order to do this I need your help. I have a crack ass team that can make this happen in a professional setting. We need you the lovers of ska reggae music to make this happen. It would like to do this in the Fall of 2016. ( Just took a deep breathe) It’s ambitous and well deserved. DIY is what I know

We can do it! Elevation

Donate at GoFundMe now!


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