The Bouncing Souls announce Home For The Holidays 2009 shows

Music News | Oct 19th, 2009

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Just like the Pogues playing in UK, the Bosstones playing in Boston every year for the Holidays, now it’s becoming an annual thing with the Bouncing Souls as well! Right after Christmas on December 26th, the NJ punk band will be spending their final days of their 20th anniversary in craphole Asbury Park,NJ. Some of the bands playing their shows will be The Pietasters, Screaming Females, Chuck Ragan, Worthless United, Black Train Jack, Dave Hause, Static Radio NJ and Bayside. Check below for details:

From The Bouncing Souls and Chunksaah Records:

We’re well on our way to making HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS the Jersey Shore’s rockinest holiday tradition! This is our third year which marks the distinction between ‘maybe we can pull this off’ and ‘a lifetime commitment’. We’re happy to assemble a wild cast of our friends and comrades to entertain you and wish you well for the coming year. What’s better than getting together with a couple hundred of your closest friends for the holidays and toasting each others’ health?

Speaking of health… what’s all of this nonsense with the swine flu and various scary wintertime epidemics? Though you should take great care of yourself and your loved ones, we are here to offer you an entirely different SICKNESS this holiday season. SO.. get stoked and check out these symptoms of HFTH3 (that’s the medical abbreviation for all you technical types out there). Why mess around with H1N1 when you can catch HFTH3?????????? Come get hospitalized at THE STONE PONY, ASBURY PARK!

The Lineup:

Saturday, December 26th, 7pm
The Bouncing Souls: 20 years of sickness
Black Train Jack: old school sick like dropsy or influenza
Blacklisted: black plague listed
Detournement: french illness cure “deTOURNEQUETment”

Sunday, December 27th, 7pm
The Bouncing Souls: call 911
The Pietasters: soulsick
Worthless United: back together to spread NJ shore disease
Dave Hause: without his loved ones to share the sickness, he’s doomed.

Monday, December 28th, 7pm
The Bouncing Souls: on the way to the emergency room
Bayside: Melodisick punk. Catchy like the plague!
P.O.S.: the rhyming sickness.
Static Radio NJ: Toxsick hardcore from the swamps of Jersey

Tuesday, December 29th, 7pm
The Bouncing Souls: hospitalized!
Chuck Ragan: acousick.
Screaming Females: so sick they can’t stop screaming
The Night Brigade: giving night blindness new meaning. (is this in bad taste? i think adam would laugh)

* Special fan Pre-Sale this Wednesday, October 21st and Thursday October 22nd @ On sale everywhere Friday October 23rd!


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