The Push Stars Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Release New Album!

Music News | Jun 2nd, 2017

The Push Stars @ "Foodstock 9" The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY (12)

The Push Stars are back! The band confirmed they were going to release a new album back in November, and now things are set in motion. The Push Stars have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the new album and it already seems like they are off to a great start! It looks like the album will be out in October and I can’t wait!

The campaign has loads of things to purchase like digital download, album, merch, signed merch, signed lyrics, VIP meet & greets, an hour chat with the band, or even have dinner with the band. Of course if you got 10k lying around under your mattress, you can book the full rock band to perform at your very own private party. I got a few pennies to my name so I won’t be able to do that one.

The band posted a video, in their own special way, discussing the campaign and even came us some previews of the new songs. They also commented on the page:

My bandmates and I have been best friends for many years. We somehow figured out (with the help of many) how to make a full time job out of playing in a rock band for ten years. From open mics, to bars, to clubs, to theaters to arenas, we literally saw a dream come true.

We stopped trying to actively sell our band name in 2006, for numerous reasons great and small, but through it all we assured each other we would do it all again someday.

Fast forward to my birthday a couple months ago, when Ryan and I took a trip to Memphis to celebrate and breathe in some of the rock and roll ghosts there. We went to Graceland, we toured Sun Studios (which we had done both years earlier with Dan on tour, but were too rushed back then to appreciate it) We stayed at the classic Peabody Hotel and sat in awe at the lobby bar where Elvis once signed his first recording contract.

Finally, we went to see soul legend / turned preacher Al Green sing his gospel in a small church on the outskirts of Memphis, and with this, we were sufficiently blown away.

“We should record a new album here” One of us said, and there was suddenly no doubt as to what we wanted to do. We called Dan at home in Hoboken, and he completely got what we were feeling: wouldn’t it be nice to record how we once did? With total immersion, away from everything but each other with the singular goal of making music that might matter to someone, somewhere, someday.

Read more at Kickstarter!


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