Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra recording second album

Music News | Nov 18th, 2014

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Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra features an all-star roster of musicians like members of Hepcat. The ska/big band orchestra plans on recording a new album as well as play live in other parts of the country (NYC better be in that plan!) and other countries. So they are asking for help from all the rudies around the world to help out via Indiegogo. You can donate just 5 bucks for the hell of it, pre-order the new album for 10 bucks and lots of other goodies to get. If you have big ass deep pockets, you can have the band play a show for you. Alex needs to hit up Jon Favreau I think.

Hi everyone,

We got together three years ago and assembled an unprecedented amalgamation of the best SKA musicians the world has ever seen to record an album. An album that pays tribute to the undisputed creators of ska- THE SKATALITES! These trailblazers gave us a musical gift that has sent shock waves to all corners of the world! We intend to carry on that tradition and pass on the legacy for generations to come. Our first album ” A Big Band Tribute To The Skatalites” has received amazing reviews throughout the globe with some saying that it “was a turning point in ska!”

Well we are ready to do it again, but bigger and better!! We have all of these charts that are just begging to be recorded. We have all of these amazing singers chomping at the bit to record on our next album. We have fans constantly asking us “when is the next one coming out?!”

The good news is we are ready to get in the studio! We have the studio picked out, the musicians selected, and amazing charts that have not yet been recorded. But we need your help! Making this happen is not easy!! We have to rent a large enough studio that fits 20+ musicians at one time, engineers, mixing, mastering, duplication, artwork, promotion, distribution…. Plus we want to take this music to other countries and perform LIVE for our fans and not be limited to just performing for our LA fans while everyone else watches on Youtube. This music like most music needs to be seen live where the band can feel your energy and you can hear and feel ours. This also requires funding… tours require purchasing flights, hotels, transportation etc. If you want us to take this music to your country, your city we can make it happen together!

So please donate at whatever level you feel comfortable or pre-order our album! You will be among the first to receive a copy. There are awesome perks exclusively offered during this campaign. If you are in a position where you are unable to contribute monetarily please help us by sharing this Indiegogo link to your friends on your social media outlet of choice. Let’s do this together so we can give you the gift of SKA!!!

Thank you for your help and support!



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