The Pete Holmes Show cancelled

TV News | By on May 23rd, 2014

The Pete Holmes Show

Such a bummer, the very funny yet ratings-challenged The Pete Holmes Show was cancelled by TBS. Pete Holmes had a bunch of hilarious reoccurring sketches like Ex-Men, Realistic Mario, Street Fighter: Red Tape and had a bunch of pre-taped bits. The show has already been taped so the last batch of shows will end around June 15th. I think it would be great if they added Pete to Conan’s show and let him do some bits, since Conan was his boss. Who knows what will happen but I hope Pete Holmes continues to do these funny sketches somewhere.

Pete commented on his Facebook page today about the news:

Dear friends,
Sadly, The Pete Holmes Show has not been renewed for more episodes. I know! Frowny face emoticon!
I just want to let everyone know that while the news isn’t what I was hoping for, my main takeaway from this entire wonderful experience is extreme gratitude.

We got to make eighty (eight-zero! Sometimes filming as many as 19 in ten days!) episodes and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. I talked to and worked with my heroes. I met incredible athletes and filmmakers. I shook hands regularly with a puppet. I got to work everyday in a magical chocolate factory of joy side by side with some of my best friends laughing and being silly all day. And then I got to share it with our fans. It was an absolute dream come true.

I want to thank Oren Brimer and Nick Bernstein for their incredible work and for pouring their hearts into this project every single show, our incredible writers, my other half Matt McCarthy, editors, producers, CONACO, crew, guests, and INCREDIBLE audiences. And I’d especially like to thank Steven Koonin, Michael Wright and everyone at TBS for making my dream come true — thank you!
Above all, I’d like to thank my hero Conan O’Brien for giving me this show and in a very Golden Girls-y way, I’d like to say thank you for being a friend. Conan was hand-on, available and supportive every step of the way. And still is for whatever we do moving forward. What an absolute dream come true! Thank you Consies O’Breezies.

Doing this show has changed my life for the better in uncountable ways. We’ve learned so much. We laughed a ton. And we had an absolute blast doing it.

Read the rest on Facebook.

Here’s some of Pete’s best bits:


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