Crime In Stereo – “Selective Wreckage”

Album Reviews | Nov 5th, 2008

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Record Label: Bridge 9 Records
Genre: Rock
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For a band that used to be considered part of the hardcore community, Crime In Stereo have taken a page out of the AFI handbook and decided to reinvent themselves in the radio-friendly modern rock kind of way.

What band doesnt strive to be included in the Madden video game soundtrack? Playing hardcore wont get you to that high point in your career nor will it bring in shitloads of money for playing the same kind of music that everyone else on the radio does.

Oh wait, Crime In Stereo try to play some punk rock on Selective Wreckage? Yeah right. Ive heard better punk rock from a band named Outlaw out of the UK and their oldest member is like, 14.

Bottom Line: If you like boring, check out Crime In Stereo right away!
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