Dynamite Boy “S/T”

Album Reviews | By on Mar 1st, 2005

Record Label: Fearless
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This is Dynamite boy’s 3rd album on Fearless Records. I’ve heard of Dynamite Boy’s name but haven’t actually heard of their music, maybe on some comps. But that’s it. Their sound is catchy, and the production of the Cd is top notch. I liked the track “Photograph” which is a rockin’ piano driven song that has a really catchy hook to it. The band has been together for 9 years now and you can definitely hear how their music has matured over the years and their songs are really put together well. Fans of Rise Against, Green Day and Fallout Boy will like this Cd a lot.

Bottom Line: Good pop punk.
Notable Tracks: “Suspend Animation” “Photograph” “Zap”
Overall Rating: